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Are you looking for a villa or a house to buy?

Have you been searching a new area to live or a property that meets your needs for a long time?

We invite you to visit our property finder page, you will find a wide choice of properties divided according to categories, prices, in the most beautiful Italian locations.

If you have not found anything satisfactory so far, we invite you to contact us, our staff will contact in 24 hour time to help you with your research





This area is reserved for advertisements and news of companies of professionals who chose Ville Casali Group to advertise their brand and their activity.

Would you like to advertise your activity because you have an exclusive product?


Would you like to be in contact with a huge number of users to promote your brand?

Would you like to promote your profession and your activity?

Advertise your brand and your activity with Villa Casali Group.


Why promoting properties with Ville &Casali ?
I chose Ville & Casali
because in addition to being an Italian Real Estate Agency of professionals that advertises and offers exclusively quality Italian properties in the world.
It is a real estate franchising searching with competence new potential buyers

Thanks to our publications, to our presence in the most important exhibitions of the real estate, to our SKY channel, to the monthly magazine, we are able to widen the visibility of our properties improving the percentage request.



Exclusive properties to be sold

This area called VIP AREA is an exclusive channel, not visible to everyone or better reserved to the acquired clients, the potential investors, the property brokers, the property finders and all the agencies belonging to Ville Casali group.

Aren’t you sure to sell your property because you are afraid of the internet world?

Do you prefer the traditional method to sell you property?

Are you looking for a different way to sell your properties?

If you want to sell your property but you don’t want to publish the pictures or other property information, it will be possible with Ville Casali Group

For this reason our company has created a system to maintain your privacy. All the properties on sale published in the VIP area can only be seen logging with a username and password given by Ville Casali Group.





Ville Casali Group collaborates with the Property Finders, a professional, innovative figure "Researcher of Properties" that operates to find the property of your dream.

The property finder was born in the U.S.A. in the 90's spreading to Great Britain and all over the world, Canada and France in particular.

In other countries it is called in different ways such as Home Hunter, Flat Hunter, Home Seeker, Property Finding, Property Hunter, the Italian translation is "Cacciatore di Immobili".

The Property Finder is an estate expert consulted by the customer to search properties with the required characteristics, to buy or to rent. His target is to look after the interests of his client and his specific, personalized requests.

Trusting in a Property Finder enables you to have access to a huge quantity of properties available in the market. Actually the consultant is able to access to many different types of buildings, also coming from auctions, estate agents, architects, land surveyors and engineers.