Our structure proposes the estate agencies, brokers. Real estate investors and the new property finder figures, an offer of more than 800 structures selected in the most beautiful Italian spotlights in order to offer to our collaborators unique properties.

Our company collaborates with more than 3500 national and international estate agents who send us all the request of purchases. We have a database with more than 50000 requests. As soon as a property is added in our circuit, the procedure sends automatically an email to all the compatible requests, it also sends the property link to all our collaborators in order to advise them about the available property.

Ville & Casali promotes properties though the web, thanks to the continuous study of the key words used in this field searched in the most famous search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and the most used social network like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and the several foreign web portal of the real estate.

Moreover we advertise the properties for sale in our website www.villecasalirealestate.com, during national and international exhibitions, publications in private luxury flights, publications in newspapers and magazines and publications during auctions of important foreign estate investors.

Our first step is to control that the property for sale is suitable for our partners’ request in order to keep a standard of quality for Ville Casali Group’s clients.

As soon as we know that the property is congenial we publish and promote it on our websites and on the anonymous site used by Italian and foreing estate agencies especially Russian, English, American, Swiss, German, Arabian.

We have realized an anonymous site, created to collaborate with all the agencies in the world. The site has no references with Ville Casali Group. For this reason the agencies can show the website without risking to be bypassed. Moreover thanks to this support they can create a net with other agenciesIn case of an appointment we send a letter of intents to or interest to our potential client to establish and accept the general conditions and to protect the owner’s personal data. The property’s owner will be anonymous until an arbitration agreement

As soon as the conditions are accepted we will confirm an appointment with the potential buyer and the owner to see the property.

Our company guarantees the buyer to be assisted by a mother tongue lawyer during the purchase

We are the first company that has created the Salerelocation (sale of properties to investors and management in our holiday network

For the clients that do not desire to publish photos of the property on line we have created a VIP area where properties are visible only for the investors, the referenced Agencies of Ville Casali Group, the Brokers and the Property Finders.

Our exclusive product is requested particularly by medium/highclients, mostly foreign.

This long and careful work has received consents of rich markets like Russia, China, Arabic Countries and other west countries adding value to the properties of Ville Casali network to guarantee a perfect offer of high quality