Why promoting properties with Ville Casali Group?
I have chosen Ville Casali because
It is the only Italian portal advertising Italian properties in the world promoting them in the fastest way. It is a real estate franchising searching with competence new potential buyers
Ville Casali Vendita website has been completely written again to improve the visibility of properties, to have all the information in the Home Page to make a quick research of the property to buy. It is a new system that will warn all our potential and old clients about all the new properties added on the website:

Are you an Agency?


Are you a Private?


Are you a Company?


Are you an Expert?

Thanks to our publications, to our presence in the most important exhibitions of the real estate, to our SKY channel, to the monthly magazine, we are able to widen the visibility of our properties improving the percentage request.
We have developed a new manual uploading system of properties, it is very intuitive and simple. It is also possible to exchange data through softwares allowing your properties to be found and visited.
It is possible to insert an unlimited number of photos and captions to describe every details of your property
There is a dedicated page to promote your agency and your services
There are different spaces to give much more visibility to your properties
There is a reserved area where it will be possible to upload, modify and manage all your publications, to check the advertisement trend through statistics of the visits, to handle the requests
Inserting the properties, we offer the possibility both or private and state agencies to exploit visibility and advertisement at international level, fundamental for a medium-high client target
The brand and property promotion is one of our most important activity. It takes place though any type of media such as our commercial organization that you can find present in the following countries: Italy, the U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia and Russia.
If you have a property with particular characteristics, contact us writing your data on the inquiry form you can find on the next page. You will receive a call of our responsible that will recommednd you the best way to promote your property.