THE GROUP “VILLE CASALI” Prestigious Real Estate

Ville Casali project was born for a series of situations and thanks to the idea of the present commercial manager and member of the group.

The present creator Alessandro Malfatti at the age of 18, having to divide his family possessions, decided to help his only sister to buy a flat in the outskirt of Rome. His sister wanted to have the best but the difficult economic situation would not have allowed it. Alessandro wanted to help his sister so he started a careful research in the field to check the competition, the weaknesses, the alternatives, the statistics of the area of property sales without offending the counterpart.

As soon as he chose the flat he started a negotiation with the delegate sale engineer who had a great experience in comparison with the two young adults but after one hour of discussion the engineer surrenders and congratulates with Alessandro telling him “YOU HAVE A GREAT FUTURE IN FRONT OF YOU”.

Alessandro got his idea form that phrase, then this idea has grown up bringing the formation of a group of people working to satisfy clients, collaborators and all the people that get in touch with Ville Casali.

Ville Casali group has spent its time looking for ancient houses, seaside villas, luxurious villas, elegant flats, exclusive residences and real farmhouses carefully

All the properties you can find in the website are carefully selected and inserted in the circuit following high quality strict parameters. The commercial manager has worked to maintain the same target to all the properties and the imagine that has always distinguished us.

Thanks to the 21 year experience we know how important precision and discretion are in this work. The philosophy of the group is to suggest the best solution, according to the client’s needs and requests, taking always into consideration quality and prestige. For these reasons nowadays Ville Casali Group is the undisputed leader for the choice of the most important and exclusive Italian properties.

Our brand and our properties are promoted through our commercial organization based in the following countries: Italy- The U.S.A. – Canada – Great Britain – Germany – France- Switzerland – Norway – Finland – Australia and Ireland.

The Ville Casali Real Estate Group is able to offer a wide range of services, from the analysis of the client’s need, the evaluation of the market, the management of the negotiations until the contract.

The Ville Casali brand has for years represented the synonym of quality for real estate proposals in Italy, strengthened by the collaboration with Property Finder and Real Estate Agents and increases sales of real estate in Italy.

Ville Casali Group is an Italian Real Estate Agency with an online portal full of a wide range of exclusive and quality properties with specialized services for the real estate sector in Italy.