Professional Video Services with Drones

Ville Casali Group has selected a team of professionals for the creation of videos with drones for all your activities.

Video services for events
Video services for weddings
Video services with Drone for Film and Fiction
Video services with drones for Ville and Casali
Video services for fashion
Video services for Brand
Video services for farms
Video services with drones for institutions
Corporate, industrial, tourist and institutional video productions;
Scientific and technical video production, documentaries;
Video services for shows, "live" events with mobile direction;
Video services with troupe eng;
Complete video services for conventions, meetings, travel, videoconferences, courses, seminars, presentations, cultural events and fairs;
Video for weddings and ceremonies (graduation, birthday, confirmation, communion, baptism etc.);
Realization of TV spots, promotional and business;
Realization of television programs and formats;
Post - digital video production and 2D and animated 3D titration;
Music videos and backstage;
Shooting for sporting events;
Making short films and feature films;
Studio with chroma key for recording programs and videos
Video shooting with innovative emotions with professional 4K drones.

We record from the sky, through a drone, your event, fair, meeting, wedding, your property, your products, and all kinds of environmental events.

DRONI: shooting with SAPR drones made by ENAC certified operators allow a great flexibility of action.

Normally these shots are made with GoPro and are perfect for hotels, events or action sports.

Thanks to post production we insert music and effects to make the final product of great impact.

The realized video can be shared in the various social channels vimeo, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.